Earning Our Wings Week 8
​A day off from training means relaxation, study sessions and… marathons? Week 8 reveals a new side of the flight attendants you haven't seen before.
Earning Our Wings Week 7
​It's service with a smile! The flight attendants practice serving customers aboard Delta flights.
Earning Our Wings
​It’s time to take a dip in the pool for flight attendants who are learning the steps of a water evacuation in Week 6. Jumping, kicking and floating turns out to be much harder than it looks.
Is there a doctor on board? In Week 5, flight attendants become experts in CPR and first aid to keep passengers safe 30,000 feet in the air.
Earning Our Wings Week 4
The flight attendants bond as a class in inoculations and consultations.
Earning Our Wings Week 3
Week 3 training is all about safety as flight attendants learn the procedures for emergency situations. Coming Thursday: Episode 4 "It's All Fitting Together." Catch up to past episodes in the twice- ...
Earning Our Wings Episode 2
Between Chick-fil-A cravings and a missing watch, one new hire is struggling. Flight attendants go through style consultations and hear from pilots.
Earning Our Wings Week 1
It’s the first day of school again for flight attendants as they start their training on Orientation Day. Watch the trainees as​ they meet new people, tour the campus and learn more about the airline ...
Earning Our Wings
What does it take to be a Delta Air Lines flight attendant? In the “Earning Our Wings” miniseries, journey with flight attendants through the grueling eight-week training program that tests their ...