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President Franklin Roosevelt chose Orville Wright’s birthday, Aug. 19, for the annual commemoration of U.S. aviation heritage.
Delta celebrates opening of '747' exhibit
Employees from across the airline welcomed media as well as local and state officials to Tuesday’s unveiling of the Delta Flight Museum’s latest addition – the “747 Experience” exhibit . The exhibit...
1961 Hartsfield and C.E. Woolman
Because of Delta's move to its new hometown 75 years ago, "the world was brought into Atlanta’s embrace," writes the Atlanta History Center's CEO.
First Hanger in previous years
Delta is marking a major milestone in the place it has now called home for three quarters of a century. The airline’s move to Atlanta 75 years ago - on March 1, 1941 - fueled Delta’s growth from a ...
First Hanger in previous years
On March 1, 1941, Delta opened its new headquarters in Atlanta, a move that fueled the growth of both the airline and its hometown.
Flight Attendant uniforms in 1969
This March, Delta will celebrate 75 years since the company moved its headquarters from Monroe, La., to Atlanta in 1941. The move launched a partnership between the airline and the Atlanta region ...
Delta first black male flight attendant Eugene Harmond
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Delta first black male flight attendant Eugene Harmond
In celebration of Black History Month, Delta honored a man who is a trailblazer in every sense of the word. Eugene Harmond is the first black male flight attendant – or steward as the job was called ...
Plane in Museum
After getting its start as a crop-dusting company, Delta operated its first passenger flight on June 17, 1929, from Dallas, Texas, to Jackson, Miss., via Shreveport and Monroe, La. The route, ...
Woman standing beside plane in previous years
A conversation with Paige Jones, one of Delta’s early flight attendants – or "stewardess" as she was referred to in the 1940s – provides a window into a bygone era in air travel. It was a time when ...