Pantone plum
The Pantone Color Institute revealed its selection for color of the year: “Ultra Violet,” a similar hue to Delta’s new uniforms.
Delta's New Uniform
Delta's new uniform collection, which combines high fashion with quality and functionality, will take flight on May 29, 2018 for more than 60,000 uniformed Delta employees.
To celebrate and help raise awareness for October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Delta Air Lines and Zac Posen today pulled back the curtain on his pink dress, which will be seen in airports...
A local Atlanta organization is transforming Delta's wear test uniforms into art, all while helping people in need.
Delta, in partnership with Lands' End, looked to a fabric recycling company to ensure thousands of uniforms didn't go to waste.
Delta Zac Posen flight attendant uniform
This timeline chronicles Delta's entire uniform journey, from selecting a designer and supplier to the debut of the airline's new look on Oct. 18, 2016.
Ramp agent and Zac Posen back stage at Delta Runway Reveal
Delta people showed off the airline’s new uniforms Tuesday at an exclusive event in Atlanta. A video shows highlights from the runway as well as reactions from acclaimed fashion designer Zac Posen,...
Zac Posen walks with ACS and In-Flight employees in new uniforms
Watch a replay of the Delta Runway Reveal! Fashion designer Zac Posen and clothing retailer Lands' End create two uniform collections which seamlessly combine fashion and function.
Delta Runway Reveal Above Wing Airport Customer Service vignette
Fashion designer Zac Posen and Delta Air Lines unveil an exclusive uniform collection, which fuses high fashion, elegance and functionality.
Delta Runway Reveal Below Wing Airport Customer Service vignette
Flip through the 'lookbook' photo gallery of Delta's new uniform collections by fashion designer Zac Posen and clothing retailer Lands' End.