Delta is enhancing the customer experience at each travel point – check out this innovation road map for a few examples.
Beginning this week, customers will be able to use facial recognition, being tested at gates E10 and E12, to board flight DL82 from Atlanta to Paris.
A nutritionist known as the Diet Detective praised the airline's commitment to health-conscious food in its Flight Fuel menu.
The world’s first Prosecco-dispensing billboard delighted Londoners as Delta celebrated the launch of the Italian sparkling wine for international Main Cabin customers.
Delta continues to expand Delta Comfort+ fares to more global markets, making it easier to shop and buy Delta's menu of products.
Reporters, editors and bloggers from 18 countries and 65 outlets around the world got a first look at the airline's new flagship aircraft this week.
The automatic check-in added to the Fly Delta app will streamline the check-in experience and take the guesswork out of accessing a boarding pass.
Enhancements will begin rolling out in November and will continue to expand into 2018.
Delta is committed to thinking differently and curating a brand experience that is the result of listening to customers and developing new, innovative ways to personalize, enhance and show respect...
Delta Sky Club Seattle
Delta's Club in Seattle was named a 2017 Magellan Gold Award winner in the Airport Lounge Category by Travel Weekly, on the heels of winning two other awards this year.