Biometrics streamline security process in continued effort to ease airport security lines through innovation.
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CLEAR infographic (Infographic)

Delta is rolling out its award-winning Early Valet program at eight airports, just one of several ways the airline is easing travel hassles.
The test will allow eligible Delta SkyMiles Members to forego a boarding pass and ID in favor of fingerprints as proof of identity.
Delta's partnership with biometric identity platform CLEAR and investments in new automated security lanes will help get you to your flight quickly.
Delta expands CLEAR in N.Y.
Biometric technology simplifies I.D. checks, combines with automated screening lines to streamline security process.
Delta expands CLEAR in N.Y.
JFK and LGA have joined 17 of Delta’s busiest U.S. airports in offering a faster way through security with innovative CLEAR technology.

Delta and CLEAR (Infographic)

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A faster way through security is now available at an exclusive rate to U.S.-based SkyMiles Members thanks to the airline’s partnership with CLEAR.
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