DC-3 In the Museum
On Dec. 24, Delta’s first DC-3 aircraft to carry passengers will celebrate 75 years since its first scheduled service in 1940. In celebration of its 75 th anniversary, Doug Evans, reporter and...
Plane in Museum
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This is a replica of a 1920s crop duster that hangs in the Delta Flight Museum. Huff Daland Dusters became Delta Air Service in 1928. An original of the duster is in the Smithsonian.
On Veterans Day, Delta joins America in honoring its heroes. Here, three generations discuss service to their country and finding a home at Delta.
Snoopy Cast outside of museum
Delta last week bestowed Snoopy, The World Famous Flying Ace, with the title of Honorary Delta Pilot during a ceremony at the Delta Flight Museum . Joining Snoopy in the induction ceremony was Craig...
Pilots standing with Snoopy the character
Sixty-five years ago, Snoopy, the World Famous Flying Ace, first took to the skies. In celebration of his larger-than-life adventures, Delta on Thursday bestowed the beloved beagle with the title of...
Tour in the Museum
Wednesday's episode of Jeopardy! will feature questions based on Delta’s heritage and the history of aviation. The Jeopardy! Clue Crew visited the Delta Flight Museum in April to film segments for...
Behind view of 3 pilots in a cockpit
They cost millions to build and require great dexterity and judgment to “fly,” but they never leave the ground. They’re flight simulators, and they’ve played a critical role in aviation history and...
Aviation and history buffs - or anyone else - can leave a lasting legacy at the Delta Flight Museum through the purchase of a personalized brick in the museum’s courtyard. The museum said this week...
Dave Malkoff, a correspondent for The Weather Channel covering science and technology, visited the Delta Flight Museum recently to experience the Boeing 737-200 full-motion flight simulator. The...
Save the Day Award Winners
On Oct. 29, a Delta crew was heading to their hotel when they took action to save their lives, and the life of their shuttle driver, Ernie Applegate.