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In the latest installment of our Delta job swap series, flight attendant Kirk Wise traded places with specialist Devan Schaefer from Reservation Sales

Reservation specialists assist customers in booking reservations through Delta, as well as through the airline’s partners and affiliates. Their main goal is to provide a positive travel experience from beginning to end, by answering questions about destinations, schedules, fares and everything else in between.

“I remember when I first started taking my first couple of calls, it was very nerve-racking. (But) it really is a great feeling when you get a customer on the line that is really appreciative of flying Delta,” said Schaefer.

Whereas reservation specialists help passengers behind the scenes, flight attendants are on the front lines of customer service.

“The busiest time for us is probably boarding,” said Wise. “During the flight, the goal is to make the customer feel welcome and make sure they’re enjoying their flight.”

But there’s a lot more to their jobs than serving snacks and drinks. They are also responsible for ensuring all safety requirements are met on the aircraft and are CPR-certified and trained to provide emergency first aid assistance at a moment’s notice.

The job swap turned out to be a real eye-opener for both employees, giving both a complete picture of the common bond they share in customer service.

“It’s kind of nice as a flight attendant because you get that face-to-face interaction. Over in Reservation Sales, we’re 100% relying on listening,” said Schaefer.

Wise agreed, saying he was grateful Delta gave him the opportunity to see everything come full circle. “They do some of the first interaction with our customers, and I get some of the last.”

Watch more of what they learned in their job swap in the video above, and check out the other job swap experiences here.


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