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Delta people are known for giving back in a big way, but this year’s American Cancer Society fundraising has generated more than $1.6 million with still more than a month left.

Here’s just a few ways of how Delta people and customers broke the fundraising goal of $1.5 million:

  • The Delta corporate Relay for Life event held at the Atlanta General Offices exceeded goal with $370,000 raised.
  • Record number of teams – 82 in total – competed in the annual Jet Drag generating more than $200,000.
  • More than 100 airport stations across the system participated in the Delta Day of Hope by holding Relay for Life events at airport terminals and raising nearly $500,000.
  • Online auction, with items such as airline memorabilia and golf outings with Delta executives, exceeded goal and raised a record $51,115

“The American Cancer Society's 13-year partnership with Delta Air Lines has contributed significantly to our efforts to save more lives from cancer,” said Shari Henning, Executive Vice President of American Cancer Society's South Atlantic Division.

So what does the money Delta people and customers donate actually do?

Henning says Delta-raised funds from 2015 alone can provide nearly 15,000 gas cards to patients needing transportation assistance; 300,000 hours of access to the National Cancer Information Center or pay for more than 4,200 items specifically used by researchers who may impact cancer diagnosis or treatment.

Delta people and customers have raised more than $6.3 million for the Society since 2006.  Donations for Delta’s 2015 fundraising campaign will be accepted through Aug. 31.