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From Winnipeg to West Palm Beach and at Delta stations around the globe, Airport Customer Service (ACS) and Cargo Operations teams are recruiting winter clothing donations.

Delta’s seventh annual One Warm Coat Drive, with the goal of providing anyone in need with a warm coat, is in full swing. To date, Delta employees have collected more than 35,000 coats.

“I used to start getting our warm coat program underway even before we got the start-up email,” said Maria Costantino, an ACS Customer Service Agent in Winnipeg. “Normally by this time of year, it’s already snowing and can be below freezing. If you’re homeless and outdoors, a wind-chill, even in mild cold weather, could be dangerous.”

In 2009, the ACS and Cargo Ops Frontline Involvement Teams launched the partnership. Since then, each year 60 to 100 stations from six countries put their own twist on the annual drive, in some cases inviting not only Delta, but all airport employees or the local community to participate.

“You wouldn’t think One Warm Coat would be needed in Florida,” said Sharon Boland, ACS Customer Service Agent in West Palm Beach. “But we get our cold snaps. This program united us with the Homeless Coalition of West Palm Beach and opened a door for continued support year-round. We just kept asking, ‘What else can we do for you?’”