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The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has seen a lot of press in recent weeks about long lines and the staffing situation that has been driving increased wait times at the 25 busiest U.S. airports, including all of Delta's hubs, focus cities and busiest airport stations.

Earlier this year, the TSA Administrator contacted Delta leadership to discuss a collaborative approach to improving this necessary part of the flight experience. Teams in Delta's Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance and Airport Customer Service divisions have started to take action, working with the TSA at both the national and airport levels.

Here are four things Delta intends to do this summer to help reduce TSA line wait times while reinforcing Delta's top priority of safety and security for customers and employees:

  1. Providing staffing support at TSA checkpoints for tasks that will free up TSA inspectors to open additional checkpoint lanes at peak where possible or improve throughput. Delta intends to deploy employees or vendors in areas to manage lines, bins and other non-screening tasks.
  2. Lending subject matter expertise from industrial engineers and other areas to make recommendations on queue design and how checkpoints could be redesigned for a more optimal flow and ease of movement.
  3. Working to refurbish the South checkpoint in ATL for a redesign of two checkpoint lanes that are expected to increase throughput, opening prior to the Memorial Day holiday.
  4. Partnering with CLEAR to provide complimentary enrollment to Diamond Medallions and preferential pricing to SkyMiles members for expedited document check-in and biometric verification for priority queuing at hubs this year. 
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