Delta is working to raise awareness to mark U.S. National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and U.S. National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.
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Saturday, Jan. 11, is U.S. National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and January is the U.S. National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. As part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s #WearBlueDay, customers will see Delta flight attendants wearing blue #GetOnBoard pins to raise awareness on the issue. Special announcements will be delivered at the gate in honor of the day, and onboard throughout the month.

Allison Ausband and Rebekah Charleston, survivor of human trafficking.

“Delta has led the industry as the first airline to sign the ECPAT Code of Conduct in 2011. While January is an important month for us to raise awareness for the issue, we dedicate our resources and attention to fighting the crime 365 days a year,” said Allison Ausband, Senior Vice President — In-Flight Service and leader of Delta’s Executive Steering Committee Fighting Human Trafficking.

“There are reported to be more people living in human trafficking and modern slavery today than at any point before in the world. Although human trafficking can be a dark topic, there are millions of stories we can help end in freedom. Delta refuses to turn a blind eye.”

Here are six actions customers can take to join us in the fight:

Purchase Freedom Fighter IPA onboard

All January, Delta will feature Gate City Brewing Company’s Freedom Fighter IPA on most domestic Delta One routes for $9. Sales support the community work of Atlanta organizations Out of the Darkness and Wellspring Living.

Watching Delta’s onboard awareness video

Last yes, Delta released a human trafficking awareness video onboard to call on customers to join the fight. It gives signs to look for and steps to take when customers encounter potential human trafficking. Watch it onboard by going to “Series,” “Select” and “Delta On Air,” then choose “25 Million: Help the Unseen.”

 Learn the signs of human trafficking

Recognizing the signs of human trafficking can save lives. Polaris has outlined indicators of trafficking, including:

  • They are frequently monitored.
  • The victim has no control over money, identification or free speech.

Context is key to understanding if what you are seeing is sex or labor trafficking - or something else entirely. Multiple indicators are often present in trafficking scenarios. All of us can help by learning more and paying attention to the situations and people in our lives. Delta encourages everyone to learn these signs so they can be reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline when recognized.

Save the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline in your phone

The National Hotline offers round-the-clock access to report tips, seek services and ask for help. In 2017, Delta supported the hotline by committing up to $2.5 million and has since seen a 19% increase in calls. Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888, or text “BeFree” (233733).

Donate miles to survivors through SkyWish

Delta SkyMiles members can donate miles to Polaris through our SkyWish program at to cover the airfare survivors need to return home, receive critical services or reunite with their families. Since inception, Delta has provided over 100 flights to support survivors.

Volunteer with organizations supporting survivors on the ground

Delta recommends the Polaris Referral Directory for finding anti-trafficking organizations and programs that provide opportunities to volunteer in the U.S. Find somewhere to get involved here.

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