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When Delta decided to purchase the Airbus A321, the airline was in the midst of a cabin-wide enhancement initiative touching more than 250 existing aircraft in its narrowbody fleet. Included in the program were cabin elements like high-capacity overhead bins, the latest in in-flight entertainment, full spectrum LED ambient lighting, new textured seat design—not to mention in-flight Wi-Fi and Delta Studio.

So Delta decided to capitalize on the blank-canvas opportunity to work with Airbus and interior suppliers to design a modern and innovative cabin environment that reflected the Delta brand and newness of the airplane itself.

The result, after years of design reviews and development with teams from Delta’s Product Marketing group, Cabin Maintenance, Fleet Projects, In-Flight Service and others, is a sculpted interior in which large pivoting overhead bins slope up toward the ceiling, providing a more airy and open cabin feel. In addition, artfully designed next generation seats throughout First Class, Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin, all with large entertainment screens, USB-power and standard 110v plugs are accented by LED-lighting schemes that change with the phase of flight.  

Here’s a first look.

A321 interior

A321 interior

A321 interior
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