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Established in 1996, the Delta Care Team program will provide Delta, its subsidiaries and business partners, with teams of trained volunteers in the event of an aircraft accident to the loved ones of passengers and crew.  A team of nearly 2,700 volunteers from across the company are trained and readily available at any time to provide support if called. 

Care Team members are assigned to passengers, crew members and their families to provide whatever assistance necessary to those impacted by the accident. This assistance can include making flight arrangements, assisting with ground transportation, arranging hotel accommodations, providing food and emergency clothing and helping keep passengers and family members informed. Care Team members do not perform counseling but they are available to coordinate access to the appropriate professionals upon request.

In total, Delta Care Team members speak 19 languages and come from 29 countries around the world. They participate in (annual) recurrent training after an initial two-day training course. These courses are offered in different locations across the globe.

All Delta Care Team members are volunteers. They give their time because they care about Delta’s history of compassion and hospitality and want to do their part to extend this spirit of generosity to customers in times of need.

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