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Delta becomes the first U.S. airline to open a City Ticket Office in Havana in preparation for the start of daily nonstop services to Cuba's capital on Dec. 1.  

The ticket office, located in the popular area of "La Rampa" in downtown Havana, opened its doors last week and is receiving a warm welcome by hundreds of Cuban customers wanting to travel to Miami, a natural destination for Cubans, as well as other locations across the globe.  

"It is a pleasure to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to reconnect with families and to discover new destinations in the U.S. and the world," said Jose "Pepe" Zapata, Delta's General Manager—Central America and Caribbean.  "Our three daily flights going to and from Havana to JFK, Miami and Atlanta are timed to offer customers access to hundreds of destinations."

20161119-jpg01.jpgVisits to the ticket office and subsequent sales ramped up after media outlets in Cuba, U.S., Mexico, Brazil and other Latin American countries published more than 60 stories as a result of the first editorial meeting held by a U.S. airline with Cuban media. Zapata met on Thursday (pictured right) with a dozen reporters and editors to open a dialogue about the airline industry. The editorial session provided local media a comprehensive view of Delta's business and served as a platform to announce the opening of the ticket office.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, city ticket offices are important sales avenues because they allow customers to interact with Delta experts, obtain advice and establish trust with the brand. The ticket office is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Although transactions are done currently on Cuban Convertible Pesos or CUC, the airline will soon offer customers the ability to pay with credit cards.

"Flexibility of payment is important for our customers and we want to provide them with as many options as possible," Zapata said.  "We also are going to be offering free Wi-Fi access for city ticket office customers to facilitate researching travel options on as they wait to purchase their tickets."    

Delta's first flight to Havana will be departing from Miami, followed by flights from New York-JFK and Atlanta. All three historic flights, marking the return of the only North American airline to return to Cuba after 55 years, will carry dignitaries, Delta leaders and customers.