The airline is naming new leaders within the company to help bolster its sustainability and diversity, equity & inclusion efforts.
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  • Keyra Lynn Johnson is being promoted to Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer 

  • Amelia DeLuca will become the new Managing Director of Sustainability 

Delta connects the world—bringing people together and cultivating appreciation, understanding and respect for the planet and all the people on it. As such, the airline has committed to becoming a leader in building a future that is rooted in equity and sustainability. To help usher in this future, Delta is advancing leaders to bolster its sustainability efforts and actively seek diversity, boldly pursue equity & consciously promote inclusion. 

“As a purpose-driven company, this goes beyond doing the right thing,” said Tim Mapes, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, who oversees Delta’s purpose efforts. “It is imperative to our success—as a business, for our employees and for the communities where we live, work and serve—that we build a future where we value and appreciate each other's differences and that we preserve the planet for generations to come.”  

A World of Equity and Understanding 

Keyra Lynn Johnson

Last year, in the midst of a global reckoning over racial inequity and injustice, Delta had an honest, open conversation about where it stands as a company and where it needs to be in order to fulfill its commitment to be an anti-racist, anti-discrimination organization. The result was an action plan accelerating the airline’s efforts in this space, with measurable goals to keep it accountable.  

Since then, Delta has made great strides in enhancing its hiring practices, creating more opportunities for underrepresented groups, improving training programs, and expanding partnerships with organizations like OneTen, Operation HOPE, the Metro Atlanta Chamber and more to create new resources for equity both inside and outside of Delta. 

At the helm of these efforts has been the company’s Global Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, guiding Delta in its journey with programs, initiatives and action plans that move the airline forward. To continue driving forward this work that is core to Delta’s values and mission, Keyra Lynn Johnson is being promoted to Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer.  

Johnson is well-positioned to drive the company’s progress in this crucial space. She began her career at Delta more than 25 years ago on the frontline. Under her leadership, Delta has been honored with numerous diversity and inclusion-related distinctions. Johnson also has been named to the Top 50 Women in Travel list by GBTA’s WINiT, top Executives in Global Diversity list, Most Powerful Women in Corporate Diversity list by Black Enterprise, and Corporate Advocate for Inclusion by Rainbow PUSH.  

Guiding Our Path to Zero-Impact Aviation 

Amelia DeLuca

To impact climate change, Delta and the airline industry as a whole must reimagine flight. This is the greatest challenge of our lifetime — for both the industry and the world. It’s why in 2020, Delta committed to becoming a carbon-neutral airline, and in 2021, laid out its path toward zero-impact aviation.  

The airline’s path is ambitious, and to help get there, Amelia DeLuca will become the new Managing Director of Sustainability, reporting to Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Tim Mapes and closely partnering with V.P. of Strategic Initiatives Sue Kolloru. Kolloru, who has done an outstanding job leading cross-divisional Corporate Strategy initiatives, including sustainability, will continue to accelerate that work. 

In DeLuca’s new role, she will be responsible for overseeing the long-term sustainability strategy, managing Delta’s sustainability investments, building an industry-leading team and partnering with Government Affairs and Legal as the airline swiftly drives positive change in an everchanging regulatory and policy environment.  

During her 15-year career with Delta, she has held varied positions within Global Sales, Revenue Management and Network Planning and has been based in Mexico City, Minneapolis, Amsterdam, New York City and Atlanta – making her well-positioned to engage stakeholders and build coalitions to address climate change within the company, the industry and beyond.