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For Julieta McCurry, her job isn’t about brand strategy or ad placements, she told AdWeek. It’s all about connecting with the customer.

Julietta McCurry
The advertising outlet recently highlighted McCurry, Delta’s Director – U.S. Marketing Communications & Sponsorships, as one of Atlanta’s 20 Rising Brand Stars who are bringing global attention to the city. The article notes that she’s the brains behind Delta’s current ad campaign celebrating go-getters narrated by actress Viola Davis. The “rising stars” list also included marketers from companies including Coca-Cola, MailChimp, AT&T and more.

"If we are able to connect emotionally with customers in a way that keeps them coming back to Delta, then we’re doing our job," she said.

Delta’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Tim Mapes emphasized McCurry’s natural skills in creating that connection: “She recognizes consumer trends and capitalizes on the latest, most effective tools to reach our customers – all with an empathetic eye.”

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