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To better serve customers, Delta and Aeroméxico are now closer than ever in New York City. Today Aeroméxico co-located to Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, serving customers side by side with Delta. 

The Delta team in New York welcomed their Aeroméxico colleagues with a cake and balloons, and customers arriving on Aeromexico’s first flight into T4 became part of the celebration when the plane was welcomed with a water cannon salute as it taxied to its new gate at 12:45 p.m.

“Moving to T4 accomplishes our next milestone in showcasing Aeroméxico’s longstanding commitment to New York and the U.S.,” said Gonzalo Robles Daud, Aeroméxico’s V.P. of Sales — North America. “This move not only enhances our airport customer experience, it also improves Aeromexico's connectivity through New York.  We are very excited to join our Delta partners in our JFK home at Terminal 4." 

“With Aeroméxico joining us in T4 and with the imminent start of our Joint Cooperation Agreement, we are really focusing on providing our customers a seamless travel experience on the ground.  Delta and Aeroméxico are now co-located in JFK, Mexico City and soon in Los Angeles,” said Henry Kuykendall, Delta’s V.P. — New York. 

Delta’s T4 expansion was completed in 2015 with an investment of $1.4 billion. T4 houses 33 airlines from more than 40 countries serving 117 cities with non-stop flights. T4 is JFK’s only terminal that provides Customs and Immigration services 24/7, managing more than 20.6 million passengers per year.  Delta’s joint venture partners Virgin Atlantic and KLM are also co-located at T4.