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Delta employees and retirees have collectively donated 6,642 pints to the American Red Cross during the 2015 blood year, which ended June 30.

During the blood year, donations were received at 22 sites throughout the system, making Delta one of the largest corporate blood donors in the U.S.

Each pint of blood has the potential to save three lives. The pints are collected, tested, processed, stored and distributed by the American Red Cross in the local communities.

Delta donated 6,087 pints of blood in 2014.

The American Red Cross is Delta’s longest-standing nonprofit partner. The partnership has allowed the airline, its customers and employees to help those in need for more than 70 years. As people are affected by crises around the world, donations to the American Red Cross help to ensure that those individuals, families and communities who are most in need are helped quickly.

Delta is also an Annual Disaster Giving Program participant– the highest level at the American Red Cross which allows the organization be strategic and aggressive in disaster response.