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While most of the world sleeps, Delta's aircraft maintenance technicians are working hard to keep one of the industry's most complex fleets flying. Aircraft maintenance technicians, or AMTs as they're better known in the airline industry, are some of the many employees behind-the-scenes whose work is felt by all, but rarely seen first-hand.

AMT Day, which is observed on May 24, is a day to recognize the efforts of those aviation maintenance professionals who go above and beyond, as well as the achievements of Charles Edward Taylor, the man who built the engine used to power the Wright Brothers' airplane.

"AMT Day is a really special day at Delta because it allows us to thank not only AMTs, but all of the talented TechOps employees whose dedication and service to Delta and our customers is unmatched," said Don Mitacek, S.V.P. – TechOps. "While many traveling customers may never interact with a TechOps employee, their valued contribution is seen each and every day as they work to ensure planes are where they need to be safely and on time."  

As the largest aviation maintenance group in North America, Delta TechOps provides full-service maintenance to more than 850 Delta aircraft and their engines as well as maintenance services to more than 150 other operators through the airline's Maintenance Repair and Overhaul business.

This highly skilled workforce, made up of over 11,000 AMTs, engineers and other support employees, specializes in work such as maintaining aircraft enginescomponents and airframes as well as performing in-the-moment line maintenance repairs at stations around the globe. They work on nearly 15 different engine types, making their jobs highly complex and dynamic, and were recently voted 'Best Engine Repair' at the Top Shop Awards.

They are also a key driver of Delta's industry-leading operational performance. Last year alone, Delta TechOps logged only 55 maintenance driven cancelations – reducing maintenance driven cancels by nearly 98 percent over the last decade.

And while Delta has an incredibly talented team in place, the airline is already preparing for the future. Over the next decade, more than 30 percent or 2,000 AMTs at Delta are forecast to retire, which is why the airline is investing in continued capabilities and in aspiring AMTs with partnerships at nearly 50 AMT schools coast-to-coast. 


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