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Customers purchasing Basic Economy will continue to enjoy amenities such as in-seat power which is available on most aircraft equipped with personal entertainment systems, along with in-flight Wi-Fi, free personal video entertainment with Delta Studio, free snacks and award winning service. Access to In-seat power and seat-back screens are available on select aircraft.

Basic Economy offers Main Cabin service with fewer flexibility options such as advance seat selection or the ability to change or refund the ticket once it’s purchased. Delta launched Basic Economy in 2012 and studied customer responses before updating the product in October 2014.


Updated on March 11, 2015. The market where Basic Economy fares are available is subject to change without notice. Inventory may not be available for specific flights or dates. All Delta fares are available real-time with the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO).


Basic Economy Fare Product

For travel on or after

February 1, 2015

Advance Seat Assignments


Paid upgrade to BusinessElite/Delta One, First Class, Business Class, Economy Comfort/Delta Comfort+ or Preferred Seat


Complimentary upgrades to First Class, Economy Comfort/Delta Comfort+ or Preferred seat


Same-Day Confirmed


Same-Day Standby


Priority Boarding for purchase - Trip Extra


Priority Boarding for Medallion


Option to Upsell in MyTrips


Mileage Accrual (Includes Medallion Qualification Miles, Medallion Qualification Dollars and Medallion Qualification Segments)



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delta’s Basic Economy fare? 

Basic Economy is a value fare without features such as advance seat selection or the ability to change or refund the ticket once it’s purchased.  Basic Economy gives the most price-driven customer additional options for their travel.

How can a customer purchase a Basic Economy fare? 

Customers will be able to purchase a Basic Economy fare on, through Delta reservations or through a travel agent.

How long have customers been able to purchase a Basic Economy fare?

Basic Economy fares were first introduced in March 2012 in select domestic markets in the U.S and internationally for purchase via, Delta reservations or through travel agencies.

How will customers distinguish between Economy and Basic Economy? provides our customers with information about Basic Economy with a comparison chart in the booking process alongside Economy or First Class fare options so they can make the best choice for the travel option that meets their needs. Additionally, Delta reservations agents and travel agencies have information that is provided to customers at the time of purchase.

What if customers want the option of selecting an advance seat assignment or flexibility in their travel plans?

We realize that Basic Economy fares aren’t for everyone – including families traveling with children. For that reason, we also offer other economy fares at different price points that include the ability to select seats in advance and the ability to make changes to their travel plans for the applicable fee for their class of service and fare purchase. Basic Economy fares offers our most price-driven customers additional options for their travel by allowing them to purchase their air travel on fares that are similar to those offered by competitors.

Will travel agents be able to issue tickets for Basic Economy fares?

Yes, travel agencies will be able to book and ticket Basic Economy fares for their customers just as they would book other fares offered by Delta with information about Basic Economy available during the booking process.

Will Basic Economy fares be combinable with other Delta fares?

No. Basic Economy fares are not combinable except for booking with another Basic Economy fare.

How are schedule changes handled? Will there be any change to priority for rebooking?

Delta’s process for schedule changes, rebooking and customer notification will not differ from other fare types.

Do SkyMiles and Medallion benefits apply to customers that purchase Basic Economy fares? 

Yes, with the exception of advance seat assignments, same-day confirmed or same-day standby travel changes and complimentary domestic upgrades to First Class, all remaining SkyMiles benefits apply, including earning miles, Medallion Qualification Miles and Medallion Qualification Dollars.

Basic Economy fares are not eligible for paid or complimentary upgrades, paid, complimentary or discounted Economy Comfort, paid or complimentary Preferred Seats, and are not eligible to make same-day confirmed or same-day standby travel changes, regardless of Medallion or other elite status, for flights flown on or after February 1, 2015.


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