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In a recent appearance on the “Conversations with Mike Milken” podcast, Delta CEO Ed Bastian shared with the Milken Institute founder how the global airline is providing a safe travel experience for customers and employees, while also moving toward recovery amid the worldwide pandemic.  

“In my opinion, consumers can fly with confidence and safety today,” he said. “We are taking the same measures towards the personal safety of our customers on board our planes, just as we do the flight safety of the experience.”  

Bastian continued to highlight the many steps being taken to give customers confidence when traveling, including electrostatic spraying, back-to-front boarding, capping load factors at 60 percent and requiring masks for employees and customers. 

“The reason I go through all those steps is that security and safety is in our DNA,” Bastian shared. “That’s the core of our franchise.” 

The May 21 interview, which aired June 4, is part of Milken’s pandemic podcast series featuring notable industry leaders and medical experts. A replay of the complete interview is available.     

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