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Despite being the best U.S. global carrier in baggage performance, mishandling less than 0.02 percent of bags for every 10,000 customers, Delta continues to strategically invest in tools and technology aimed at supporting the airline's ramp and baggage operation, better equipping employees for success and improving the customer experience. ​

"When Delta people reach the top of the industry, they don't sit back and say 'good enough' — they look for what's next," said Gareth Joyce, S.V.P. – Airport Customer Service & President — Cargo. "Even when we maintain an industry lead, we don't wait for a competitor to take our place. We make investments that reflect the feedback of our employees and customers — and, that's what drives our success."

Here are three ways Delta is further innovating its baggage operation:

  1. Enhanced customer support when something goes wrong: Beginning May 13, in an effort to expand Delta's direct connection to its customers, the airline's Baggage Operations and Control Center (BOCC) will  transition to a 24/7 operation, processing claims 7 days a week. This change will allow for timelier customer responses across email and social media, providing around-the-clock coverage for all BOCC lines of business — including virtual Baggage Service Office (BSO) support that allows customers to skip the line at the airport.
  2. Better technology for baggage handlers: Delta is investing $10 million in 6,000 next generation handheld scanners to replace older models based on feedback from below-wing airport customer service employees to enhance functionality and provide a better user experience. The Zebra TC77, which operates with advanced 4G LTE network capabilities and features enhanced Wi-Fi and cellular antenna hardware, will significantly increase efficiency while delivering improved connectivity and reliability. Additionally, the platform is part of Delta's roadmap to 5G technology while delivering additional functionalities designed to further empower agents and improve teamwork cross divisionally.
  3. Faster baggage delivery in even more cities: Delta is doubling down on proven partnerships, like the baggage delivery service through the "on-the-way" delivery app, Roadie, in place since 2015. In more than 50 cities app users have contributed in part to a 65 percent reduction in delivery times and a significantly improved customer experience compared to a traditional delivery service. Now, Delta is set to continue its expansion to an additional 22 cities, leading to even faster service for even more customers.
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