The innovative technologies built by Delta for Delta people that empower employees to make Delta customers' travel journeys all the more enjoyable.

Delta hosted a speaker series at its booth at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, raising the curtain on the world’s best airline and how Delta people continue transforming the customer experience. 

Surrounded by cutting-edge technology developed by some of the world’s most visionary minds, Delta executives at CES showcased how some of the airline’s most innovative technologies have been developed by their own employees.

Innovating at Delta isn’t just about technology. Empowering employees to create memorable experiences for customers starts by equipping them with the data and tools they need to have more meaningful, personal interactions.

Employee insights have shaped many of the systems and tools Delta people use to serve customers today, including handheld SkyPros for flight attendants, mobile Nomad devices for airport customer service agents and a proprietary Flight Weather Viewer app for pilots. Each of these innovative tools enables Delta to provide more personalized service and customized solutions for customers throughout their journey.

Learn how in-house technology is helping Delta people deliver better service for customers in this Booth Speaker Series panel discussion moderated by flight attendant Jeanie Brady with these Delta leaders:

  • Tori Forbes-Roberts, Senior Vice President of Reservations Sales and Customer Care
  • Ranjan Goswami, Vice President of In-Flight Service  
  • Jim Graham, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations
  • Gareth Joyce, Senior Vice President of Airport Customer Service and Cargo
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