How Delta Flight Products is making the future of travel entertainment a reality.

Delta hosted a speaker series at its booth at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, raising the curtain on the world’s best airline and how Delta people continue transforming the customer experience. 

Just down the street from the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta lies a startup you’ve probably never heard of, but that’s focused on making your in-flight experience better than ever: Delta Flight Products.

What started as a 10-person team back in 2016 has quickly grown into a powerhouse of more than 300 aviation professionals, working every day on innovative solutions that transform the onboard experience. Just last year, the team launched a groundbreaking wireless IFE system – a first for the industry. This next-generation system combines wireless tech with state-of-the art tablet displays fixed mounted in the back of the seat. It’s built with a modern, flexible architecture that makes it easier to bring new features and functionality to the platform in less time.

Delta has its sights set on an entirely new era of entertainment – one where free, captivating content is available for customers across their day of travel. Imagine having access to movies, shows or music at your fingertips the moment you check in for a flight using the Fly Delta digital concierge, then being able to seamlessly continue what you’re watching on a seat-back screen once on board. That’s the future Delta can imagine today thanks to the team at Delta Flight Products.

So, what prompted a 95-year-old company to launch its own in-house startup in the first place? Watch Delta leaders discuss this and more at CES 2020.

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