A discussion on people’s heightened emotions in the air, why they crave one snack over another, and how at the end of the day, connecting with customers is the ultimate privilege of all Delta people.

Delta hosted a speaker series at its booth at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, raising the curtain on the world’s best airline and how Delta people continue transforming the customer experience. 

The leader of a team “who studies people,” Carol Campbell and the Consumer Insight team at Delta work hard to deeply understand the wants and needs of customers. The team digs deep into the emotions, dynamics, stressors and delighters of travel — all to further strengthen trust and loyalty with the 200 million customers on board Delta each year. Consumers desire warmth, transparency, and control over their choices whether in the air or on the ground — and the research conducted by Consumer Insight helps the airline bring those wishes to fruition.

Equally as important to the study of consumers, is the study of those who know the operation better than anyone, Delta employees. Understanding service through the eyes of Delta people on the frontline is integral to developing real-world solutions to customer needs.

But connecting with travelers in a way that reaches their hearts and minds goes beyond their favorite snack or movie on board — it’s the meaningful interactions between employee and customer. Flight Attendant Jeanie Brady has spent the last 30 years making those memorable touchpoints with customers, and in this video, she explains what’s she’s learned about practicing kindness at 30,000 feet.

Watch Carol Campbell and Jeanie Brady at Delta’s CES 2020 appearance.