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“This is the most competitive and complex industry in the world, and that’s what makes it fun,” Steve Sear, President – International and Executive Vice President – Global Sales, said recently in an interview with Business Travel News editor-in-chief Elizabeth West. The interview highlights his new role, making investments where corporate travelers fly and Delta’s commitment to performance excellence.

On becoming President – International, Sear explained that globalization is the natural progression for the industry.

“As we expand our programs and initiatives worldwide, we will do that organically,” Sear said. “Where we are making those investments – whether in China, Mexico or Brazil or the U.K. –those investments are in the markets where corporate travelers fly.”

Sear also discussed what’s on his radar for 2016. “On the sales front, we are committed to our easy-to-do-business-with strategy,” Sear said. This strategy involves simplifying contracts, continuing 24/7/365 global sales support and investing in technology to improve B2B partnerships.

“On the global front, we are so bullish with the opportunities we have with our alliance partners, and our level of integration with them is unprecedented. This will help us find opportunities to enhance our value proposition for customers and our overall performance.”

Sear credited the Delta people for being the most committed to operational performance excellence and felt confident the airline would continue to lead the industry as a result. “It shows our corporate clients that [in terms of] the total cost of travel… Delta provides a better savings proposition because of the reliability.”

See the full interview here.