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An Instagram video posted to Facebook over the weekend has delighted Spanish-speaking U.S. audiences and is being widely circulated on social media. 

The star of the video is ‘Toñita,’ a comic character who is the creation of social media influencer Alex Diaz.  Toñita, played by Diaz, is her hometown’s busybody and in the video, she interrupts her New York vacation to fly Delta to find out the latest gossip back home in Puerto Rico.  

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Diaz was challenged by Delta to convey to Hispanics in New York and Puerto Rico the quick connection between New York’s JFK airport and San Juan while flying on Delta’s Comfort + - all the while creating subtle brand engagement. The airline operates four daily flights on the route.

“In these days of social media hyper-connectivity, breaking through the clutter to hold an audience’s interest and create interaction is a continuous challenge,” said Mauricio Parise, Delta’s Director-Marketing Communications.  “Toñita’s video went viral over the weekend and continues to grow. The 15-second video has over 287,000 views, thousands of positive comments, and over 1,500 shares. People got the concept, when it matters to her, Toñita travels fast on Delta.”

“We all need to laugh, humor is the great equalizer when it comes to conveying a message,” said Diaz. “My character ‘Toñita’ is genuine in conveying speed, ease and comfort in travel without being pushy. She is willing to drop her fabulous trip in New York and get to San Juan as fast as she can fly on what she considers her very own Delta plane.”

Delta is not new to social media and innovative concepts.  The company strives to cut through the clutter with innovative messages on social media, and most have a common denominator: Humor, as illustrated by its trendsetting series of Safety Videos.

Currently Delta is engaging U.S. Hispanic audiences via social media influencers who motivate followers to share their story on video via Facebook. “My Next Trip Back” or Mi Próxima Visita,  takes place on a microsite designed to help people tell their stories. The contest form available in English and Spanish includes places to insert pictures, and prompts such as “The Story Behind...” and “This Trip Will Be Unique Because…” giving contestants the opportunity to go back to their country and make their story real.

Video translation:

Neighbor: “Toñita where are you?”

Toñita: “I am in Times Square, you know how exclusive I am.  Why? Something happened?”

Neighbor: “Girl, I just heard a big commotion at your neighbor’s house”

Toñita:  “Wait, wait, wait… come again?

Neighbor: “Something big is going on at your neighbor’s house” 

Toñita: “Ok, tell me more, tell me more”

Neighbor: “I am not sure what happened…”

Toñita: “Oh shut up, you are not letting me hear what is going on. My goodness, I wonder what happened!”