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At work, they call her "GP." At home, she goes by Mom.

As Mother's Day approaches, dozens of Delta moms will be celebrating with their adult children who also are Delta employees — like Georgia Pye, a Logistics Attendant in TechOps who's worked at Delta for 31 years. She never imagined that her coworkers would someday include her two daughters, Ashley Mosely and Amber Putnam.​

"It makes me feel so great and proud, working together," Georgia said. "They're amazing young women, such hard workers."

Georgia, Ashley and Amber all work in Base Logistics, managing the supply and movement of aircraft parts from vendors to fix aircraft. Their workdays are as intertwined as their lives: Georgia and Ashley share the same shift, and Amber gets debriefed by her mom on the day's events when she starts work. The women pass each other in the hallways, email back and forth on the latest status of an order, and call when they have questions.

"Some people may not be able to work with their parents or children, but for us, it's a normal day. I'm truly grateful for my mom," said Ashley.

But Delta – and TechOps – run even further back than this trio of mom and daughters. Georgia's father, George W. Taylor, worked for the airline for 45 years as a manager and brought Georgia and her siblings to visit.

"We'd go see his work space, look at the planes in the hangar – I always told him when I get older, 'I'm going to work for Delta,'" Georgia said. "I did the same with Ashley and Amber. It was good exposure."

Ashley got her start in TechOps in 2011. She first noticed the diverse and welcoming nature of Delta.

"Delta invests in its people and gives you the resources to be successful and advance, but most importantly, it's a family friendly environment. You feel you're part of the Delta family."

Amber joined Delta three years after her sister. Watching her mom and Ashley dress for work in their uniform every day made her wonder, "Can I do this too?"

"They were both so supportive, Mom especially. She taught me everything I needed to know and it feels good to know I'm following in her footsteps," Amber said. "I was recently promoted to the same position she once had, and it was great she was able to see that up close."

Like their mother and grandfather before them, Ashley has brought her son to visit Delta and Amber plans to bring her daughter when she's older.

"My Mom sparked my interest, so I hope to do the same," Amber said.

Although they spend time together on a daily basis on the job, none is as precious as their Sundays when their families gather together, grill and play games. This Sunday – and Mother's Day – will be no different.

Header image from left to right: Amber, Georgia, Ashley

Body image: George W. Taylor