Delta's de-icing teams trained for months to be ready for winter. Watch a video for a behind the scenes look.
The Delta Honor Guard in Atlanta paid tribute to fallen sailor Jim H. Johnston, who will finally be laid to rest in his Mississippi hometown.
With the airline’s sights set on hiring the best in the industry, Delta, in partnership with digital interviewing company HireVue, is breaking down barriers in the traditional job seeking process by...
Thanks to a Delta charter flight, the team will arrive in Brazil just hours before its match vs. Japan.
More than 112,000 — that's the number of flight operations Delta has had since it last canceled a flight due to a maintenance issue. For a solid straight month — roughly 36 days — technicians around...
B-roll video is now available on Delta News Hub under Library > Resource Links > Corporate B-Roll Video or by clicking here . Footage of Delta divisions, fleet and hubs are downloadable by...

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