​The bee hive initiative​ supports Delta's goal to be an environmentally sustainable and responsible business.
Delta Air Lines will be the first participant in Georgia Tech's Corporate Sustainability Program Executive Council.
As the votes rolled in, a few names competed for first place but the strongest leaders emerged once the polls closed on Monday.
Delta became the first Atlanta company and U.S. airline to host honey bee hives built and supported by Bee Downtown, an innovative startup focused on stabilizing a healthy honey bee population.
The airline continues investing in year-round innovative sustainability efforts.
How Delta is finding innovative solutions on the path to a lower carbon world.
Delta offsets carbon emissions from team’s 2017 air travel in partnership with Cedar Grove Composting
Commitment also benefits Raleigh-Durham urban areas with 1,000 new trees.
Delta has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the seventh straight year. The index is considered the gold standard for corporate sustainability. The Dow Jones Sustainability North...