Delta and Aeromexico have closed over 80 percent of customer experience seams, ensuring consistency in processes and services for travelers on both airlines.
The codeshare will offer customers increased connectivity between up to 74 onward destinations in the U.S. and up to 51 onward destinations in South America.
Together, Delta and LATAM will hold the leading position in five of the top six Latin American markets from the U.S.
Delta is focused on providing customers across the globe with a consistent and seamless experience when they travel between the airline and its partners.
Partners Virgin Atlantic and Korean Air will help to expand the program's award options through accrual and redemption.
Corporate Priority spans five global airlines so corporate travelers can rely on consistent benefits across the globe.
New technological innovation allows agents to rebook and reissue tickets for SkyTeam customers when facing flight delays, cancellations or diversions.
Upon receipt of all regulatory clearances or approvals in the U.S., the new joint venture will enable Delta and WestJet to deepen their existing partnership.
Delta, Air France and KLM mark tenth anniversary of their trans-Atlantic partnership.
Walter Cho will now play an active role as SkyTeam grows from an established network to a digitally connected, customer-centric alliance.