Delta Flight Museum visitors can learn about the airline's legacy of providing aid to the U.S. military during times of war.
Employee Kurt Robinson recalls his seamless transition from his career as Sergeant Crew Chief in the U.S. Air Force to Delta.
In a Q&A, HR leader Glen Johnson discusses Delta's strategies to continue hiring U.S. military veterans.
The airline has both contributed to American military efforts over the decades and been shaped by them.
“Thank You For Your Service,” a film investigating the mental health struggles of many veterans, will be featured on Delta Studio all November.
Delta will match customers’ mileage donations up to 10 million miles in November to support Fisher House Foundation and Luke’s Wings.
As part of Delta’s ongoing commitment to supporting veterans, the airline joined the Fisher House Foundation to dedicate the newest Fisher House last week in Long Beach, California.
Delta’s Honor Guard is a group of employee volunteers who greet every plane that carries the remains of fallen military service men and women.
Delta's Technical Operations team celebrated Veterans Day on Nov. 11 with employee festivities in the Atlanta facility’s hangar. The event paid tribute to those who have served the U.S. armed forces...