Rachael Rensink and Renee Tanner Story Corps
Renee Tanner (right) and Rachael Rensink talk about their experiences as Delta flight attendants and how the Facebook page that Rensink helped start reduces the loneliness of the job. Tanner speaks ...
Edward Cooper and Jonathan Mayfield Story Corps
Jonathan Mayfield (right) and Edward Cooper share stories about their experiences working in Reservations at Delta. Mayfield tells about helping a customer who would eventually become his wife. First ...
Ashley and Anthony Black Story Corps
Ashley and Anthony Black, who both work in corporate communications for Delta, talk about the fateful trip - and career crossroads - that led them to date and get married.
StoryCorps participants
Longtime employees Kathy Howard and Tom Holton, members of Delta's Care Team who work in Atlanta, talk about their work helping customers after the recent terrorist attack at Brussels Airport and ...
Van Bastelaars Story Corps
Assiatou ‘Assi’ Van Bastelaar, a Delta employee, and her husband, Marco Van Bastelaar, recall their chance meeting on a flight to Cancun.
Tim Mapes and Rachael Rensink Story Corps
Chief Marketing Officer Tim Mapes and colleague Rachael Rensink talk about her battle with breast cancer and the support she received from Mapes and from Delta. Rensink begins by describing when she ...
Susan Hayes and Andrea Ratfield Story Corps
One-time flight attendant Andrea Ratfield tells Corporate Communications General Manager Susan Hayes about her journey to becoming a Delta pilot.
Wrenched hearts Story Corps
Longtime Delta mechanics Ron Finch and Tim Moye (right) talk about beginning a peer-support group called “Wrenched Hearts" for fellow employees who have lost a child. We hear from Tim Moye first.
Brian and Nora McConnell Story Corps
Brian McConnell, a Delta Air Lines employee of 33 years, tells his wife, Nora, about his involvement in the Delta Honor Guard. The Honor Guard is a group of volunteers who greet every airplane that ...
Ed Bastain and Glen Hauenstein at StoryCorps
New CEO Ed Bastian and President Glen Hauenstein talk about the paths that led them to Delta, their influence in each other's careers and the satisfaction of bringing the company out of hard times.