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With tickets booked and bags packed, it’s time to tell your friends and family all about your travel adventure - but why type it out when you can show them? 

With the new Fly Delta app update for iOS released Nov. 28, customers will automatically receive Fly Delta stickers for iMessage upon download. iMessages can be become embellished with stickers of jet takeoffs, travel destinations or champagne glasses bubbling over in a celebratory toast. 

Once users have updated the Fly Delta app for iOS, they can go to the iMessage app drawer, where tools such as photos, GIFs and iMessage games are located, and splash new stickers across their conversations. Similar to emojis, iMessage stickers allow people to express themselves in vibrant ways with a simple tap. Stickers can be adjusted in size, dropped in as standalone messages, peeled and placed on photos, and iMessages.

“The sticker pack is a fun way to help customers enhance the way they share their travel experience with family and friends,” said Ryan McFerrin, General Manager – Social Media. “It’s been really popular since our initial launch, so we’re pleased to make the stickers an automatic download for Fly Delta App users.”

Delta’s pack includes 70  travel-themed stickers and GIFs and will be updated monthly with more seasonal content.  

Fly Delta Stickers are now available for iOS users as part of the latest Fly Delta update.