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Delta CEO Ed Bastian spoke to a group of students, alumni and members of the Georgia Institute of Technology community Wednesday about leadership, culture and Delta's mission to better connect the world.


During the fireside chat with Maryam Alavi, Dean of Scheller College of Business and Professor of IT Management, Ed emphasized his primary focus as CEO is Delta's people.  

"My schedule is based around our people, which occupies an enormous part of my time," Ed said. "One of the most important things, if not the most important thing I do, is spend quality time with our people – not just at the management level, but with our frontline personnel."

When asked about qualities one needs to become a part of Delta's thriving culture, Ed highlighted the importance of prospective candidates embodying servant leadership, noting that service and selflessness are core attributes to the company's values.

"We're looking for people who love to serve, and we look for it in various ways – in terms of the jobs they hold outside of school and their work experiences," Ed said. "We can teach people about the airline business, but you can't teach people to serve unless they have a real passion for it."

The conversation concluded with questions from the audience on topics ranging from Delta's commitment to sustainability, cross-cultural engagement, network expansion and more.

A replay of the webcast will be available. ​​​