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CINCINNATI, Aug. 29, 2006 – Comair this morning released the passenger manifest for Flight 5191 after receiving permission from individual families to publicly share the identities of their loved ones. Out of respect for our customers’ privacy and the wishes of individual families, the names of six passengers are being withheld.

As required, Comair on Sunday provided the complete passenger manifest to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and is fully cooperating with the agency as the investigation continues.


  • Captain Jeffrey Clay 
  • First Officer James Polehinke (survivor)
  • Flight Attendant Kelly Heyer


  • Rebecca Adams
  • Christina Anderson
  • Lyle Anderson
  • Anne Marie Bailey
  • Bobbi Sue Benton
  • Jesse Clark Benton
  • Carole Bizzack
  • Brian Byrd
  • Homer L. Combs
  • Karen Diane Adams Combs
  • Fenton Dawson
  • Thomas Fahey
  • Mike Finley
  • Clarence "C.W." Fortney
  • Wade Frederick
  • Hollie Gilbert
  • Erik J. Harris
  • Jonathan Hooker
  • Scarlett Parsley Hooker
  • Priscilla Johnson
  • Nahoko Kono
  • Tetsuya Kono
  • Charles M. Lykins
  • Dan Mallory
  • Steven R. McElravy
  • Lynda J. McKee
  • Robert I. Meaux Jr.
  • Kaye Craig Morris
  • Leslie W. Morris II
  • Judy Ann Rains
  • Michael N. Ryan
  • Jane Silas
  • Patrick Smith
  • Timothy K. Snoddy
  • Marcie Thomason
  • Greg Threet
  • Randy D. Towles
  • Dr. Larry W. Turner
  • Victoria Washington
  • Paige M. Winters
  • Joann Wright
  • Ms. Betty B. Young

Comair requests that media respect and understand the privacy of families who may not wish to speak publicly during this difficult time.

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