CINCINNATI, May 24, 2007 – During today’s introduction of a new aircraft paint scheme, Comair and Delta Air Lines executives unveiled another surprise – Comair has been awarded 14 Bombardier CRJ-900 aircraft. The planes will be the first in the regional carrier’s fleet to include a first-class cabin and will replace 14 of Comair’s CRJ-100 50-seat aircraft.

“We have positioned ourselves to win this flying through the hard work we completed in bankruptcy, and the investment in our fleet is a powerful affirmation of the partnership we have with Delta Air Lines,” said Comair President Don Bornhorst. “Our team will make the most of this opportunity by remaining steadfast in our focus on operational performance and customer service.”

Comair, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta, will take delivery of the new aircraft between August 2007 and February 2008. The CRJ-900s will begin scheduled flights as part of Delta Connection as early as Sept. 1, 2007. Delta is currently determining which routes the planes will fly. The CRJ-900 aircraft feature 76 seats in a two-class configuration. Comair’s planes will have 12 first-class seats and 64 coach seats.

“Comair is a strategic part of the Delta Connection network, and we are proud to be part of Comair’s next chapter as a premier regional airline,” said Jim Whitehurst, Delta’s chief operating officer. “In fact, Comair was the first carrier to fly regional jets for Delta Connection nearly 15 years ago. We continue to rely on them to provide our customers excellent service.”

With the addition of the CRJ-900s, Delta will sell to Bombardier 14 CRJ-100 50-seat aircraft that are currently in Comair’s fleet. After the transition, Comair’s fleet will contain 14 CRJ-900s with 76 seats; 15 CRJ-700s with 70 seats and 102 CRJ-100s and 200s with 50 seats.

The CRJ-900 aircraft is the largest of Bombardier’s CRJ series. Comair is recognized as a pioneer in the regional airline industry, and the carrier introduced the Bombardier Canadair Regional Jets to North America in 1993.

Comair is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines and a Delta Connection carrier. With a team of more than 6,600 aviation professionals, the airline operates 724 flights a day to 102 cities in the United States, Canada and the Bahamas. Comair has a fleet of 131 regional jets in 50- and 70-seat configurations.

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