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Four Delta employees are highlighted as part of a custom content series with the New York Times showcasing Delta’s "Branded Products" launch and the efforts of departments across Delta to create a thoughtful, reliable and innovative experience.

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The series – “Complexity of Simplicity” – was inspired by unsung heroes at Delta who provide passengers with the trustworthy experiences they’ve become accustomed to while traveling with the airline. The immersive experience delves into how Delta employees orchestrate a complex mix of advanced technology and service while aiming to make travel a simpler part of passengers’ lives.

The story is told through the lens of four Delta employees: Shaun Londono, Senior Product Manager – Onboard Product Delivery; Teleeta Adams, Manager – Cabin Interior Design; Marcus Griffin, Program Manager – Leather Carpeting; and Jeff Robertson, Vice President – Product, Sky Clubs and Marketing Communication.

The series includes both print and digital content. See the full series.

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