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Delta is taking another major step in elevating the on-board customer experience, offering complimentary meals and beer, wine and spirits for customers on all flights, in all cabins on its long-haul flights to and from Honolulu.

The service will initially launch on flights between Atlanta and Honolulu beginning Sept. 15, and will apply to seasonal flights to/from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport beginning Nov. 3 and John F. Kennedy International Airport to/from HNL beginning Dec. 17. 

“As a global airline, Delta continuously evaluates its offerings to ensure we are thoughtful about what we’re providing customers on board,” said Allison Ausband, Senior Vice President-In-Flight Service. ”Offering complimentary meals and alcohol on our long-haul flights to Honolulu is another example of our customer-focused approach.”

 Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin customers will be offered two complimentary meal services, one at the beginning of the flight and one prior to arrival, to align with the airline’s similar long-haul flights. Meal service enhancements include a meal service with a choice of two hot entrees, a sandwich with a brownie and a continental breakfast snack box, depending on the route, as well as complimentary beer, wine and spirits, including the airline’s signature Mai Tais.