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Next week the 16 teams from Copa America Centenario will begin crisscrossing the U.S. on Delta charter planes taking them to matches in 10 cities. As the official airline of the historic tournament, Delta will use its experience sustaining top athletes to provide the soccer players, who run as many as 6 miles per game, with healthy meal options on the newly VIP-configured Boeing 757.   

“The soccer teams have not made special meal requests, however, our menu will offer Latin and North American inspired meal options and snacks supporting the players’ nutritional needs,” said Bill Wernecke, Managing Director—Charter Sales and Operations. “Delta charters MLB, NCAA, NHL, NBA and NFL sports teams and our catering professionals are always ready to accommodate athletic dietary needs.”

Depending on the length and time of the flight, the teams will be served meals including Cuban sandwiches; grilled flank steak marinated in Adobo with roasted potatoes and green beans; blackened chicken with rice and beans and roasted vegetables; grilled steak with mushroom sauce and white and wild rice; quesadillas; omelets, and variety of sandwiches and salads.

“Players will also have a variety of healthy snacks on board such as fruits and nuts, Kind Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio bars, Dancing Deer apricot almond breakfast cookies and a variety of Coca-Cola products including Powerade,” said Wernecke.

A soccer player needs the right proportion of nutrient-dense foods and a daily caloric intake that ranges from 3,200 to 4,300 calories for a 160-pound player, according to

For the duration of the tournament, from June 3-26, the flight crew on the 72-seat Delta charter will serve 9,000 bottles of Dasani water, 2,000 bottles of Powerade and 3,000 cans of assorted juices and the players will enjoy 400 breakfasts, 1,900 lunches and 800 dinners.