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BizBash recently listed Delta as No. 3 among the top 10 innovative brands of 2017. The marketing trade outlet highlighted companies that create compelling live events to engage customers and build social media buzz.

The outlet spotlighted the airline’s most engaging marketing events, including a fashion show to unveil Delta’s new uniforms, a collaborative art project with Seattle pro soccer team Sounders FC and interactive booths during the Oscars and Emmys pre-party. The events provide attendees with an interactive element, like the virtual dressing room at the uniform event, to get a hands-on experience with the brand.

The common thread through each of these events is creating a customer connection, explained Julieta McCurry, Delta’s Managing Director – Marketing Communications.

“When we’re reaching out to customers, innovative experiential marketing allows Delta to engage in unexpected and delightful ways and, in turn, build brand affinity,” McCurry told the outlet. “We always work to align with trends, conversations, and the right people, places, and, events that our customers care most about.”

The ultimate goal, McCurry said, is to improve and enhance customer experience when interacting with the airline.

Delta was listed among other cutting-edge brands, including No. 4 Google and No. 5 Nike. Delta’s partner American Express took the top spot.

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