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Delta customers, including those who purchased tickets via third parties, can now purchase premium products like Delta Comfort+ and First Class as an add-on purchase for all or part of their journey to further customize their upcoming travel experience. And customers can use a different method of payment than used for the original ticket purchase to do so.

“This is all about consumer choice,” said Rhonda Crawford, Delta's Vice President – Global Distribution & Digital Strategy. “This flexibility is what our corporate travel customers, in particular, have told Delta they want because it lets them select their desired experience, regardless of how or where their ticket was bought.”

Delta’s new features build on the airline’s innovative Branded Fares program designed to give customers greater flexibility and choice when making travel plans.

Here’s how it works:  After an eligible ticket is purchased, a customer can go to or call Delta Reservations to buy Delta Comfort+, First Class, or Delta One as an add-on, or ancillary purchase, as available – regardless of where the original ticket was purchased. The customer can select a premium product on any individual segment of their journey, or the entire trip, and use the same or a different method of payment for the transaction – only itineraries wholly operated by Delta are eligible for post-purchase upgrades, subject to availability. This new function gives customers choices beyond what has been previously offered in shopping experiences and will soon be available via the Fly Delta App.

Until now, Delta had given customers the ability to purchase upgrades by direction. For example, a customer can purchase a Main Cabin ticket going from Savannah, Ga., to Los Angeles, and Delta Comfort+ on the return trip from Los Angeles back to Savannah. Both of those flights connect through Atlanta. Delta’s new post-purchase upgrade flexibility is what will allow customers to buy one product on SAV to ATL and a different product from ATL to LAX.

One-Touch changes give SkyMiles Medallion Members more upgrade control

Delta has also developed another way for SkyMiles Medallion Members to take control of their complimentary upgrades. In addition to the current automatic upgrade clearing process, Medallion Members may choose, instead, to self-select upgrade seats from the seat map once their eligibility window opens. Simplified seat changes allow Members​ to choose to revert back to Main Cabin if they aren’t happy with their upgrade seat assignment, for example, to a middle seat. This improvement is designed for customers who value exact seat selection more than the ease of automation.

“Delta constantly asks customers for feedback so we can listen and react to what they say is most important to them,” Crawford said. “These new capabilities build on Delta’s Branded Fares program by providing more control and choice during the purchase and upgrade phases of travel. Customers deserve the ability to select the personalized travel experiences that best fit their needs.”

Delta’s purchase and upgrade enhancements are the latest examples of the airline’s commitment to developing innovative, meaningful customer experience solutions, including RFID baggage handling, real-time bag tracking and interactive wayfinding via the Fly Delta mobile app, more efficient and high-tech security lanes, more thoughtful customer service driven by ‘big data’ and a groundbreaking app that helps Delta pilots avoid turbulence for a more comfortable flight.

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Terms and Conditions:

The advertised price is not an offer and is subject to change. No contract exists until you receive confirmation that payment was received and processed. Upgrades may only be purchased for Delta- or Delta - Connection - operated flights and are not available for Award Tickets and certain discounted and exception fares. Additional eligibility restrictions may apply at Delta's sole discretion. Basic Economy (E) fares are not eligible for paid or Complimentary Upgrades. All passengers within the confirmation number must be upgraded to Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, or First Class/Delta One® fare classes. Fare rules of your initial reservation will apply regardless of whether rules that would otherwise apply to the fare class of your upgraded ticket are less restrictive, i.e., changeability/refundability. Upgraded tickets are eligible for additional mileage, Medallion Qualification Miles and Medallion Qualification Dollars accruals upon selection of Delta Comfort+ or First Class/Delta One and associated fare classes, and the increase in base fare or carrier-imposed surcharges paid in connection with your upgrade. All SkyMiles Program rules apply to SkyMiles Program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption, and travel benefits. Paid upgrades are non-refundable and not transferable for voluntary itinerary changes. To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide & Program Rules. If you purchased trip insurance when purchasing your original ticket, your benefits under the trip insurance policy are limited to those applicable under your original ticket. Prices, offers, rules, and benefits are subject to change. We reserve the right to assign or reassign your upgraded seat at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft, for operational, safety or security reasons. The final decision resides with the ground staff and the operating crew on the day of the flight. Refunds will be issued to any reassigned customer if the customer is not moved to a comparable or better seat. If a customer voluntarily changes his/her flight or seat selection once purchased, no refund for the original purchase will be provided and no MQDs will be awarded. No refund will be provided for any previously purchased ancillary product, involving Priority Boarding or a Delta Comfort+ seat product. For flights within Latin America/Caribbean markets serviced with our Delta One product and select Asia Pacific markets, including China and Hong Kong, and other markets involving transatlantic flights, Medallion Members will continue to upgrade to Delta Comfort+ via the seat map.