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Ricardo, a physician living in Atlanta, was recently selected for “My Next Trip Back,” a social media contest aimed at U.S. Hispanics who wanted to return to Latin America and make a dream come true.  For Ricardo, working side-by-side with his father, a fellow doctor, to provide medical attention to needy people was his dream. 

The story of Ricardo, his reunion with his father – who lives in Venezuela - and the medical contribution they made in a remote area of Mexico can be seen in a video here.

“We took care of more than 200 people directly,” Ricardo said. “We visited two schools where we shared educational programs. In a way, we also gave emotional support to a lot of people who just needed to be listened to.”

This last of a series of four videos featuring contest winners was unique because Delta worked with partner airline Aeroméxico to transport Ricardo and his father and reunite them to help low-income people with little access to medical care.  Delta flew Ricardo to Mexico and Aeroméxico flew his father there so they could travel on to the small community of Cristo Rey.

“Servant leadership is one of the fundamental principles that Delta espouses as part of its core values and it is something that our allied partner in Mexico, Aeroméxico also shares,” said Mauricio Parise, Delta’s Director-Worldwide Marketing Communications. “Dr. Ricardo demonstrates his desire to serve others selflessly and we could not be happier to support him.”

Delta began its "My Next Trip Back” contest for U.S. travelers with a special connection to a Latin American country on Sept. 28, choosing four entries compelling entries and helping to make those each dream journey a reality.

Each of the winners has taken their journey home, filmed by Delta from beginning to end to capture their experiences.

Other stories profiled in the series include “Patricia’s Trip to Costa Rica” to celebrate the seven birthdays of her mother that she had missed while living in the United States; “Daniel’s Trip to Colombia,” about a man who is HIV positive and whose dream was to visit Medellin and bring medical attention and solace to children living with HIV; and “Liam’s Trip to the Dominican Republic,” where a father is reunited again with his baby son and partner.

To date the videos produced for “My Next Trip” back have been viewed by over 1.5 million people.