In 1982, Delta employees, retirees and friends began collecting donations to purchase a plane for Delta in support of the company in the midst of a weak economy and poor economic performance. The Spirit of Delta, as it was later named, has come to be a symbol for Delta’s heritage.

The Spirit of Delta was Delta’s first Boeing 767-200 aircraft and was purchased for $30 million.

Delta is bringing the Spirit of Delta to Salt Lake City as it embarks on its final tour through the Delta system as a thank you to Delta employees for all of their hard work and dedication. The aircraft will conduct a “circle flight” with employees, customers and representatives from an important local charity for Delta, the Boys and Girls Club.

Delta Salt Lake City Station Manager Randy Hagblom Delta Vice President of Maintenance Operations John Laughter Salt Lake City International Airport Executive Director Russ Pack

Delta Air Lines brings Spirit of Delta to Salt Lake City to operate “circle flight” for customers, employees and representatives from the Boys and Girls Club.

Monday, February 27, 2006, Noon – 2 p.m.

Salt Lake City International Airport, Gate D1

Note: Media must receive a gate pass from Delta in order to attend event, so please RSVP to 404-715-2554 at least one hour prior to event. Media are welcome to fly on the “circle flight.”

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