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The Delta Air Lines Foundation has donated $1 million to support the efforts of charitable and nonprofit organizations that offer educational and wellness programs and provide assistance to those in need throughout the U.S.

The Foundation's grants benefit a diverse group of organizations across 13 states including Alaska, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina and South Dakota.

Foundation State Grants
The Foundation concentrated on organizations promoting diversity, education and health and wellness, as well as organizations supporting veterans and service members. Recipient organizations include local chapters of the American Red Cross, Community Foundations, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Junior Achievement, United Way and the YMCA as well as community food banks.

Other organizations include Warriors and Quiet Waters of Bozeman, Mont., which, through the experience of fly fishing, serves as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of post-9/11 combat veterans; Farm Rescue of Horace, N.D., which is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization that provides planting, harvesting and haying assistance free of charge to family farmers who have suffered a major injury, illness or natural disaster; and Crayons to Computers of Cincinnati, Ohio, which strives to bridge the gap between families in need and education.

“Giving back to the communities where Delta people live, work and serve is at the core of our company,” said Tad Hutcheson, Senior Vice President of The Delta Air Lines Foundation. “The Delta Air Lines Foundation has a long history of serving communities worldwide, and we are proud to help advance the missions of these worthwhile institutions.”

Earlier this year, Delta announced it will contribute 1 percent of its net income from the previous year to key charitable organizations. This commitment will be fulfilled through cash contributions and in-kind travel, as well as grants from The Delta Air Lines Foundation. In 2016, Delta is projected to give $37 million to charitable organizations worldwide. As part of its commitment, Delta, the Delta Air Lines Foundation and its employees contribute their time as well as millions of dollars to a host of philanthropic causes.

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