CINCINNATI, July 8, 2009 – Delta AirElite Business Jets announced a comprehensive effort to offset the annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of its headquarters offices in Cincinnati and a complementary initiative to help address the CO2 emissions associated with customer travel. The program was developed with The Conservation Fund, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting land and water resources.

“There is a vigorous commitment among our customers and our employees to improve our environmental stewardship in all parts of our lives, and we are pleased to offer a program that allows us all to make a difference by getting involved personally in this important way,” said Michael B. Green, president and CEO of Delta AirElite. “Through our affiliation with The Conservation Fund, we are providing opportunities for positive environmental change.”

Customers of Delta AirElite can make a donation to The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program to offset the CO2 emissions resulting from their AirElite flights. In return, the Fund will plant native trees in protected parks and wildlife refuges in order to offset the appropriate amount of CO2 emissions. Customers might consider planting a tree for every hour of flight, resulting in cleaner air, enhanced wildlife habitat and new recreation areas.

“Delta AirElite and its customers are providing critical, private capital that will help address two of the most extraordinary environmental challenges of our time, climate change and habitat loss,” said The Conservation Fund’s Go Zero director, Jena Meredith.

Delta AirElite has committed to work with the Fund to measure and then offset the annual CO2 footprint of its Cincinnati-based corporate headquarters and employees will have the opportunity to contribute to the cause as well. Delta AirElite’s parent company, Delta Air Lines, was the first U.S. commercial airline to offer its customers the opportunity to offset their flight-based emissions via a similar program launched with The Conservation Fund in 2007.

About Delta AirElite Business Jets
Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, Delta AirElite Business Jets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines providing aircraft charter, aircraft management and private jet travel to clients through an innovative Fleet Membership jet card program. The company’s award winning record for service and tradition of safety have established Delta AirElite as a world class brand for private jet travelers everywhere. Delta AirElite has continuously held the coveted ARG/US Platinum safety rating longer than any other operator in the world. More information is available by calling 877-DAE-JETS (877-323-5387) or by visiting

About The Conservation Fund
The Conservation Fund is dedicated to advancing America’s land and water legacy. With our partners, we conserve land, train leaders and invest in conservation at home. Since 1985, we have helped protect more than 6 million acres, sustaining wild havens, working lands and vibrant communities. We're a top-ranked conservation organization, effective and efficient.

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