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NEW YORK — Delta Air Lines and CLEAR are partnering to bring CLEAR’s expedited security experience to more major airports across the country, ultimately reducing the time spent by customers in security lines.  Delta will provide CLEAR’s biometric service to its U.S. Diamond Medallion members free of charge and all U.S. Delta SkyMiles members will have access to preferential pricing.

“Our customers tell us their time is valuable, as is having a consistent, enjoyable airport experience with reduced hassle,” said Ed Bastian, Delta’s incoming CEO. “We look forward to what this partnership will bring to our customers.”

CLEAR is the leading U.S. biometric identity platform that utilizes fingerprint and iris identification technology at airports and sports stadiums across the U.S.

“This partnership has the potential to revolutionize travel using our biometric approach to security screening, aircraft access and more,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, CLEAR’s CEO.
“Delta fully appreciates the benefits and breadth of CLEAR’s secure identity platform, and they have a long-established reputation for passenger-centric innovation. The fact that they share our vision for the future of this platform, and are willing to put that vision into practice, makes this partnership very exciting.”

This year, Delta and CLEAR plan to expand airport security line access points to Delta’s U.S. hub airports allowing registered customers to expedite the document check process at security screening checkpoints.

Full details for Delta customers are still being finalized and Delta will proactively reach out to customers with information about offer eligibility, enrollment and airport launch schedules.


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