Delta leaders and partners engaged in a Facebook Live discussion to talk through what travel looks like today and ensure customers have all the information they need when they decide to fly.
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Representatives from Mayo Clinic, Emory, Lysol and Purell joined Delta leaders Bill Lentsch and Sandy Gordon in a Facebook Live discussion Tuesday to talk to customers and industry enthusiasts about what travel looks like today. 

The virtual event, moderated by Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of The Points Guy, showcased the many layers of protection Delta has incorporated from curb to claim over the past several months – such as requiring masks, providing extra space, rigorously cleaning high-touch surfaces and testing employees. 

 The panel discussion is available for replay below or on Delta’s Facebook page at the link here

Delta CareStandard Partner Panel Image

“The Delta CareStandard is all about the collection of elements that we've put together with input from our partners to build the most confident, clean, safe travel experience that we can for our customers,” said Lentsch, Delta’s Chief Customer Experience Officer. 

Delta built this new safety standard with the help of experts from each organization on the panel. 

“We wanted to engage with partners who are experts in this space because we are not – we’re experts at flying airplanes," Lentsch said. “We needed help from these experts, not only on what products we should choose and what processes we should reevaluate, but how we should engage with our employees and customers.” 

As Delta’s Global Cleanliness division works with partners to advance our safety practices, our frontline employees have been adopting the new processes on a daily basis. 

“If you look at how our customers are responding and communicating to Delta, it’s clear we're doing something right – but the most important thing is the response from our team,” said Gordon, Delta’s Senior Vice President, Airport Operations – West. “They are comfortable in the work environment and are committed to ensuring that the experience for our customers is warm, it's welcoming, and that our customers feel confident.” 

Conversation highlights include: 

  • Delta has adjusted the customer experience to ensure safety throughout the travel journey for customers and employees – from mask-wearing requirements and extensive cleaning to blocked middle seats, social distancing markers and a new boarding process. These changes have made a clear difference for customers - our domestic Net Promoter Score continues to set record highs. 

  • Dr. Henry Ting, Chief Value Officer at Mayo Clinic, spoke about Mayo Clinic’s efforts to launch Delta’s employee testing and re-testing program and lead an Integrated Advisory Council made up of Delta leaders and medical experts. Dr. Ting also said Mayo Clinic is working with Delta to develop a new program to rapidly test passengers before they board a flight – which could help enable the safe reopening of borders and offer an effective alternative to quarantines. 

  • Joe Rubino, Director of Microbiology and Virology at Reckitt Benckiser (the makers of Lysol), discussed how all of Delta’s U.S. airports began provisioning Lysol Disinfecting Wipes for employees to use to clean high-touch areas, with plans to debut new cleaning products and protocols to come in the months ahead.  

  • Delta is providing hand sanitizer for customers throughout the travel journey – in the airport, at the gate and on board. Dr. Jim Arbogast, Vice President of Hygiene Sciences & Public Health Advancements for the makers of PURELL, discussed the science behind hand sanitizer, noting that efforts are underway to anchor hand sanitizer stations on the wall near boarding doors and lavatories on every Delta aircraft – a first for U.S. airlines. 

  • Delta customers and employees are required to wear masks on every Delta flight. Dr. Carlos Del Rio, Infectious Disease Special Advisor to Delta and Distinguished Professor of Medicine at Emory School of Medicine, spoke about a recent study regarding the importance of wearing masks. “If we all wear a mask throughout the travel experience, we’re all going to be protected and the risk of transmission will be incredibly low - less than 1% if we do things the right way.” 

  • Delta is continuing to hold true to its value of people over profits, as our priority is the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. Gordon noted that customers can fly with confidence through the holiday season knowing that Delta has taken a layered approach and is blocking middle seats through at least Jan. 6, 2021.