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​Delta people from across the company are making preparations to finish strong after a record setting year for the airline and its Connection partners.

  • Delta expects to carry over 6 million customers on more than 55,000 flights during peak holiday travel season, Dec. 21 to Jan. 1.
  • Airline's meteorologists forecast stable weather conditions from Christmas through end of year.
  • For customers, here are 8 travel tips for smooth holiday travel.

The holiday season has arrived for Delta and the flying public alike. And not unlike the work put in by Santa's elves before Christmas Day, Delta's TechOps team work around the clock to prepare the airline's fleet for the holiday season. With more than 55,000 flights taking to the skies, their goal is simple: deliver a safe operation to an anticipated more than 6 million Delta customers.

"Just like we do around the year, leading up to the holiday travel season, we look after the health of each of our aircraft," said Timothy Brown, General Manager – TechOps Demand Planning. "We focus on making sure everything operates as it should, from the lavatories and in-flight entertainment screens to critical aircraft systems. This work is important and it's how we provide the operational reliability that our customers expect time and time again."

That means on slower travel days — Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, for example — when there aren't as many flights in the air, Delta's technicians are hard at work, ensuring the fleet is healthy.

While customers may not have the airline's maintenance teams on their mind as they make their way into airports or on Delta's aircraft, the team of maintenance professionals working diligently is more than happy to fly under the radar.

"Our customers should be focu​sed on the holidays, their family and the service provided by our colleagues on board and at airports during their travels; we are more than happy to avoid the spotlight," said Brown.

With pre-holiday maintenance taken care of, Airport Customer Service agents behind ticket counters, in terminal lobbies and at airport gates around the globe are standing ready to serve the influx of holiday customers as the traveling public takes to the skies. Cargo agents will help carry some holiday cheer, ensuring customers' shipped goods reach their final destination while agents on the ramp help carefully connect bags full of gifts for loved ones. In cold stations, Delta de-ice crews will put the airline's recent investments in innovative tools, training and additional resources to use to maximize operational reliability during winter weather conditions.

Helping support Airport Customer Service teams before customers even arrive to the airport, Delta's Reservation Sales specialists are ready to assist around the clock and around the world on phones and social media.

Up in the air, flight attendants and pilots demonstrate the Delta Difference by providing engaging service and a smooth ride, connecting Delta's customers from city to city.

Inside Delta's Operations and Customer Center, teams from Crew Tracking, Flight Dispatch, Load Planning and more provide around-the-clock, global support during the holiday season — and every other day of the year. With no major disruptions and relatively calm weather forecasted, the airline's team of meteorologists continues to keep a watchful eye for potential updates leading up to, and throughout the holidays.

Additionally, flight dispatchers and systems operations managers work with Delta's Strategic Planning team, crew and aircraft routers to help make sure flight crews and airplanes are in the right places at the right time to support the holiday flight schedule and help get the airline's customers where they need to be.

"To run an airline that connects so many people to so many places around the globe, it really does take a village," said Erik Snell, S.V.P. — Operations and Customer Center. "Providing the Delta standard of service during the busy holiday season requires the combined, tireless efforts of the 80,000 Delta people across all departments to bring our customers together in the safest, most reliable way. That's what the holiday spirit means for Delta."

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