The Puerto Rican people are no strangers to displaying strength over adversity – and this week, the island was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, following a 5.8 magnitude quake just a day earlier.

Like clockwork, Delta people from Puerto Rico to Atlanta quickly went to work with the island in mind. The day of the quake, Delta capped fares on nonstop flights from SJU and issued a travel waiver allowing customers traveling to and from the island to make a change to their travel plans without fees. Fares will remain capped through Friday, Jan. 17.

Seeing the regularly scheduled flights were nearing capacity to and from the island, Delta secured an upgraded aircraft – a Boeing 777  – to substitute for a normally scheduled Boeing 737, and a Boeing 757 to operate as an additional round trip between Atlanta and San Juan – adding more than 300 seats each way.

Notable among those in need was a group of more than 40 students and chaperones from Sharpsburg, Ga., whose mission trip was abruptly cut short when conditions were deemed unsafe. While the group had return travel for later in the week, their concerned families and friends back home scrambled to secure their immediate return, working with Delta to help transfer their tickets, getting them on the extra scheduled Wednesday morning flight.

“There are so many great Delta people who helped make this happen,” said Tim Phillip, General Manager – Operations Management. “Teams in our Operations and Customer Center and beyond didn’t skip a beat when the opportunity to do the right thing presented itself, and that’s what the Delta spirit is all about.”

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